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Welcome to my POV Gallery! Click on a picture to get a bigger view.

"Food Chain 101" was my entry into the November-December 1998 round of the IRTC, under the topic of First Encounters. I came in 9th place, so that wasn't too bad.

"Just Add Brains" was also created because I ran out of time and ideas for the September-October IRTC round. The topic was Water, though my scene actually has no water in it. While a lot of the judges thought it was funny, they didn't think it was a winner. Confidentially, I didn't either. :)

Elementary, My Dear Watson

"Elementary, My Dear Watson" was my entry in the July-August round of the IRTC, under the "Elements" topic. Unfortunately, the judges either loved it, or hated it, so I didn't do so well. Apparently, my pun wasn't appreciated by all. :) Oh, well.

Just An Otter Day in Paradise

This is my award-winning creation for the Internet Ray Tracing Competition (IRTC), entitled "Just An Otter Day In Paradise". The topic was "Nature," and I won an Honorable Mention for Originality, Concept, and Interpretation of Theme! My picture was ranked 6 out of 106 entries! Click on the link above to see the rest of the results.

It's All in the Wrist

"It's All In The Wrist" was created for the IRTC, under the topic of "Magic." I didn't win anything, but I got a bunch of great comments and suggestions.

Dig In!

"Dig In!" was also created for IRTC, under the topic of "Childhood." Unfortunately, due to a problem with my e-mail, I didn't get a non-corrupt submission in until the day after the due date. :( So it was posted, but not included in the competition.

Evening in the City

"Evening in the City" was produced by a POV Utility I wrote, called CityGen. Please check out my utilities page for more pictures and more information!

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