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CityGen v1.5 - POV City Creator

CityGen is a (hopefully) easy-to-use city generation utility for use with POVRay 3.0(*). It features a pseudo-isometric preview that can be rotated to view the city from all cardinal directions, and an intuitive user interface. Cities can be generated randomly, and then hand tweaked if desired, though with a lot of buildings, editing each one could be quite tedious. I have gotten wonderful results using simply random cities with no extra tweaking. See the pictures below for samples of CityGen output.

* Possibly in the future it will export to other file formats (DXF, 3DS, etc.) depending on number of requests and my time schedule.

Special thanks to everyone who tried the CityGen betas! I appreciate all of your wonderful suggestions and comments. In fact, most of your ideas were so good, that I decided to finish this version of CityGen without them, so that I could start a whole new version! The current framework wouldn't support most of the ideas. So if you are patient, you will see your ideas come to light in the next CityGen! Thanks again!

Download CityGen v1.5 Now!

Some people are missing some Visual C++ DLLs. You need them to run CityGen.

Download DLLPAK.ZIP Now!

Here are some screen shots of CityGen in action (click for a larger view):

Rendered CityGen output from various stages of completion (using POV 3.0):

These are from Beta 2:

These are from Beta 1 and pre-beta 1:

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